ABS releases Port State Control deficiencies from quarter 4 in 2022

Port State Control inspections have proven to be an effective tool for eliminating substandard vessels that may be in operation, which may impact maritime safety and the marine environment.

A ship is regarded as substandard if the hull, machinery, equipment or operational safety and the protection of the environment is substantially below the standards required by the relevant conventions or if the crew is not in conformity with the safe manning document.

Evidence that the ship, its equipment, or its crew do not comply substantially with the requirements of the relevant conventions or that the master or crew members are not familiar with essential shipboard procedures relating to the safety of ships or the prevention of pollution may be clear grounds for the PSC inspector to conduct a more detailed inspection. Good ship and crew preparation is always essential, in keeping up to date with all International, National and Port State requirements.

This report provides information to Owners/Managers on deficiencies identified during inspections carried out by the various PSC regimes globally during the fourth Quarter of 2022.

Download the full report: ABS Port State Control Quarterly Report Q4 22

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