Annual Digest of safety reports published by CHIRP

CHIRP Maritime has published its eighth annual digest of maritime safety reports, covering all the cases published during 2022. Additionally, it includes some in-depth articles specially commissioned to highlight important safety topics.

As Captain Alan Loynd, FNI FITA MCIArb BA (Hons) says, “All companies are able to demonstrate a robust safety culture, and there are still ships where living conditions are abominable, safety is ignored, and crew welfare counts for nothing.
..said on the report.”

According to the report, 2022 was another difficult year for seafarers. As the Covid-19 situation showed signs of improving, mariners were faced with added dangers due to conflicts, especially in waters off Ukraine.

To begin with, section one of the Digest focuses on the human factors, but the two have been selected for this section are specifically concerned with situations where the crew had to interact with numerous outside agencies. Both reports underline the need for meticulous planning, and remind us that we sometimes need to be quite firm with people from the shore. In addition, it is not enough to rely on experienced pilots or dock masters to conduct operations safely. They should be questioned in detail about their intentions, and a thorough risk assessment should be made.

It is worth noting that the report also covers cases of engineering, pilotage, navigation, tugs, yacht and safety culture.

Download the Digest: CHIRP Annual Digest 2022-2023

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