Bart’s Bash breaks World Record

bartsBashBart’s Bash, the global dinghy race organised by the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation, has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest sailing race over 24 hours.

The data is still being processed, but so far the results of 3,600 boats, which have sailed over 10 million metres in total, representing 18% of the total data, have already surpassed the threshold for the world record, which stood at 2500 boats in regattas made up of at least 25 boats.

“The turnout on 21 September exceeded our expectations and we are very happy that we provided a truly global opportunity for people to come together and enjoy sailing. We hope this event will become a regular feature in the global sailing calendar,” said Richard Percy, CEO, Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation.

Bart’s Bash was set up to remember Olympic gold medallist Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson to help inspire the next generation of sailors. The event was a global celebration of sailing that attracted over 18,000 participants of all ages and abilities.

In all, 82% of the results from the event are still to be processed. Provisional results are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

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