BASS: New App set to ease the ship inspection process and paperwork

BASS has released a new mobile inspection app
BASS has released a new mobile inspection app

Norwegian maritime software company BASS has released a new mobile inspection app, which lets vessel and shore-based personnel go digital when conducting audits and inspections on site. It is fully integrated with the company’s core BASSnet™ SAFIR (Safety & Improvement Reporting) system, including predefined checklists and audit guides.

“Mobile apps have changed the way we approach everyday tasks, and it’s no different when it comes to safety checks,” says Per Steinar Upsaker, CEO and managing director of BASS. “Using predefined templates on-site means standardization of inspection checklists across the company and fleet. Updates can then be synchronized with the BASSnet™ database and modified in the comfort of the office.”

The logistics of manually noting checklist items at various locations before transferring information to safety management systems can be complex and time intensive. Also, juggling paperwork on-site increases the risk of errors or missed information. With the new app, inspectors and ships’ officers can save time and effort with increased digital efficiency during on-site audits and inspections.

The Inspection app can work in offline mode, and data updated via the app can be synced with the BASSnet™ database once the user is online. In addition, it gives on-site inspectors a new way to illustrate their work with visuals and audio.

“Often, text only scratches the surface. We wanted to give users the convenience of being able to capture and attach helpful image, voice and video recordings from their mobile devices as they walk around and make observations,” notes Martin Bjoernebye, BASS’s VP of Research and Development. “Images can also be edited so that users can highlight areas of importance. Audio note-taking for ease of commenting is another feature we’re proud of. The app will also allow for ad-hoc reporting of findings for Event reporting, a great tool for ship managers visiting vessels for unplanned inspections.”

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