Coastguard: Research in the UK reveals many don’t know to dial 999 for coastal emergencies

Lands End Coastguard Rescue Team
Lands End Coastguard Rescue Team

Last year, countless lives were saved because someone knew to call 999 in an emergency at the coast and ask for the Coastguard. But shockingly, research carried out by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) shows in some parts of the UK more than half still don’t know who to call when the worst happens at the coast or at sea close to the shoreline.

To help get the message home, the Coastguard has recreated and shared the kind of thank you messages it receives from those people who are alive today because someone knew the ‘right thing to do’ and alerted the emergency services by dialling 999.

The thirty-second audio tells the story of a man who found himself unexpectedly cut off by a tide and how grateful he was that someone knew what to do.

Peter Mizen, Assistant Director, Head of Coastguard Operations at the MCA said: “If you’re in difficulty along the coast or at sea, every second will count so it’s really important to know how to get hold of the right emergency service immediately.

“We know that overall nearly half of us don’t know who to call in a coastal emergency, so we are hoping that this new audio will help push the message home and save lives.”

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