Cordstrap shares 50 years of cargo security expertise with industry peers.

IMG_1451aOn the 28-29 January, Cordstrap, the global leader in the protection of cargo in transit, hosted a two day seminar which focused on sharing knowledge and experience of one-way cargo securing systems.

The gathering was held at the Cordstrap Training Center in Oostrum, The Netherlands, with an audience of 21 British and Italian marine surveyors, cargo supervisors and port managers, some of whom are IIMS members. The focus was safety; the most important common concern of all parties present.

This skilled and experienced audience take the responsibility of protecting their personnel, colleagues in the logistics chain – and beyond that their cargo itself and the environment – very seriously.

The event represented an ideal opportunity for surveyors to deepen their understanding of the one-way cargo securing systems developed by Cordstrap, which have seen explosive growth in global markets in recent years. It also provided a forum for all parties to pool their experience and agree on the proper use of polyester one-way lashing systems in practice.

There were a number of key elements to the seminar:
• Building the participants knowledge of polyester one-way cargo securing solutions
• Establishing a dialogue with those who actually survey or apply cargo lashing
• Sharing 50 years of Cordstrap expertise through practical workshops

During the event, Cordstrap’s team of experts took the delegates through a number of topics related to cargo security, underlined by vivid supporting film material. From the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 to the introduction of a new CTU Code of Practice at the end of last year, the regulatory background to cargo securing was covered; followed by an overview of transport forces, securing methods and the product range that allows Cordstrap to deliver such success stories as lashing heavy steel pipes safely on a ship’s deck with 10 ton MSL lashing.

This feat illustrates the physical security and peace of mind that Cordstrap routinely delivers; a theoretical knowledge of force and balance calculations is brought into sharp focus when the practical task of securing heavy cargo on board ship is undertaken!

Essential to good securing in such an application is a high pre-tension in the lashing. Cordstrap demonstrated how to achieve this using their CT60PN pneumatic tensioner, unique in the world of cargo securing.

The two days were rounded off with a lively, thoughtful question and answer session. Cordstrap’s CEO Brad Tribble then closed a seminar that the participants agreed had been constructive – and deepened their understanding of some key cargo security issues.

Do you have a question on one-way polyester cargo securing? Or would you like to participate in the next seminar?

Call Cordstrap’s Senior Knowledge Center Advisor David Parrin at 0031 (0)478 519 000 or send him an email.

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