DYT Yacht Transport schedules its largest yacht carrier for trip to South Pacific

DYT Yacht Transport schedules its largest yacht carrier for trip to South Pacific
DYT Yacht Transport schedules its largest yacht carrier for trip to South Pacific

New policies making it easier for foreign flagged vessels to explore the coastlines of Australia have inspired DYT Yacht Transport to schedule its largest semi-submersible yacht carrier, the 686-foot (209-metre) Yacht Express, to deliver yachts to the South Pacific. The trip coordinates with the end of the Mediterranean charter season, starting in Genoa (Italy) in November to accommodate private luxury yachts and charter vessels departing from the Mediterranean Sea. Operating with its unique float-on/float-off method, the ship will make additional port calls in the Caribbean, Florida, Costa Rica, and Tahiti before arriving in Sydney and Auckland by the end of January.

“Australia has eased its permit restrictions for charter yachts,” said Laura Tempest from DYT Yacht Transport, “which opens up more opportunities for enjoying the South Pacific’s remote and pristine cruising grounds. This, combined with a growing marine industry infrastructure in both Australia and New Zealand, makes it a logical decision for DYT to send its largest ship to that part of the world to take care of increased demand.”

The first-phase change to the “Coastal Trading Act 2012” will allow for cruising of non-Australian flagged charter yachts in Australia. For a fee of $400.00, the yacht will be issued a temporary voyage-based charter license for up to 12 months. During these 12 months, refits and repairs will be allowed without the need to import the vessel.

“For GST and charter licenses, our Australian agents are well established to ensure this is handled properly,” said Tempest. “Our in-house customs brokerage service can assist in meeting the necessary requirements.”

DYT Yacht Transport, the industry leader in semi-submersible yacht transport, introduced Yacht Express as the world’s first purpose-built yacht carrier in 2007. Yacht Express and Super Servant 4 service the South Pacific, Caribbean, and Mediterranean Sea. Both vessels partially submerge, transforming into marinas where yachts can safely float on under their own power and maneuver into position. After the yachts are secured, the ships de-ballast to have the yachts rest on secured cribbing, allowing for transportation of the yachts while they are effectively dry docked. The “float-on” process is then reversed for an equally safe and efficient “float-off” delivery at the desired destination.

DYT Yacht Transport, based in Fort Lauderdale, is partnered with Sevenstar Yacht Transport and provides alternative sailing options for a lift-on/lift-off service provided by Sevenstar’s fleet of over 120 ships wholly owned and operated by Amsterdam-based parent company Spliethoff Group. Sevenstar Yacht Transport moves yachts on a frequent basis and has flexible shipping dates to serve yacht transport needs worldwide.

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