Get involved with Invasive Species Week

Do you know the three simple actions that can help reduce the spread of non-native invasive species? Check, Clean, Dry. Some non-native species are completely harmless but others, known as invasive or species, have the ability to cause damage to the environment, the economy and our health.

Invasive Species Week runs from 15 to 21 May 2023 and is an annual national event organised by the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat (NNSS) to raise awareness of the impacts of invasive non-native species. Providing advice and guidance on the simple things everyone can do to help prevent the spread as well as sharing stories on some of the fantastic work taking place across the UK, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man to protect the environment and reduce their impacts.

The spread of non-native invasive species is becoming a major issue in both the marine and inland waters around the UK. This is because the invasive species compete with our native plants and wildlife, introduce diseases and cause major changes to entire ecosystems. They can also disrupt boating by restricting navigation, blocking inlets and outlets and increasing the bio-fouling of boats and marine structures.

Invasive species can unintentionally become transported to a new habitat by becoming attached to boats, caught in water sport’s equipment or even by latching onto our clothes. The best way to protect your local area of water is to follow the ‘Check, Clean, Dry’ approach to removing invasive species.

Check for any plant or animal material on your boat, equipment and clothing.

Clean your boat, equipment and clothing that has come into contact with the water thoroughly with tap water. Paying particular attention to crevices where species can be hidden.

Dry your craft and any piece of equipment or clothing thoroughly. Many species can survive in damp conditions for many weeks.

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