Gori launches a three-blade propeller for sailing boats

Gori launches a three blade propeller for sailing boats
Gori launches a three blade propeller for sailing boats

Danish propeller manufacturer, Gori, has launched a new three-blade propeller for sailing boats. The new folding propeller is an evolution of the original three-blade version they introduced in 1994 but lacks the ‘overdrive’ function.

The ‘overdrive’ function allowed the helmsman to choose the propeller pitch and profile in the water while sailing forward, by regulating the yacht’s shift and throttle control. It would then operate the same in reverse by first folding closed through the movement before opening again.

This new three-blade propeller has the same features as the standard propeller including the 360o pivot when switching between forward and reverse with the same pitch in either direction for improved stopping.

The original three-blade propeller had a very low drag and the new single pitch three-blade propeller is no different. It has been tested to have a low drag (1.4 Newton at 6 knots) and does not auto rotate when folded, eliminating the need for a shaft brake.

Available only for sail-drive engines at the moment and for left-hand propellers from 15”-20”. Larger right-hand propellers from 22” to 26” will be available later this year. Large left-hand versions will only be available if the demand is present.

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