International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Handbook 2023/24 published

2023/24 International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation handbook has been published.
2023/24 ITOPF handbook has been published.

International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation handbook has been published.

The new edition of the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation  (ITOPF) Handbook 2023/24 is a valuable source of information for professionals involved in oil, chemical and cargo spills from ships and features updated oil spill statistics amongst other things.

In this comprehensive guide, readers will find information on different types of marine spills, clean-up techniques, the fate and effects of oil and pollution liability and compensation.

ITOPF technical staff have attended on-site at almost 840 shipping incidents in 100 countries to provide objective scientific advice on clean-up measures, the effects of pollutants on the environment and economic activities, and on compensation.

These incidents can involve oil, chemicals and other bulk or packaged cargoes, as well as bunker fuel from all types of ship. ITOPF also provides advice in relation to oil spills from other potential sources of marine pollution, including pipelines and offshore installations; physical damage to coral reefs resulting from ship groundings; and environmental impacts associated with shipwrecks. Their first-hand experience of pollution incidents is utilised during contingency planning and other advisory assignments for government and industry. ITOPF is an authoritative source of information on marine spills and shares their knowledge at training courses and seminars throughout the world, encouraging best practice through outreach and education.

ITOPF has responded to over 840 incidents involving oil or chemical spills worldwide. Their highly skilled international team are ready to assist 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide impartial technical advice. ITOPF operates on a not-for-profit basis. They provide a wide range of technical services to back up their core role of responding to ship-sourced spills. The five key services that they offer are spill response, claims analysis & damage assessment, contingency planning and advisory work, training and education and information.

Download the Handbook: International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation handbook

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