Jeffrey Casciani-Wood receives IIMS Lifetime Achievement Award

Jeffrey Casciani-Wood proudly holding his lifetime achievement award
Jeffrey Casciani-Wood proudly holding his lifetime achievement award

At the IIMS London Conference Dinner 2015 on Monday 7 September aboard HMS Belfast, Jeffrey Casciani-Wood was presented with a lifetime achievement award by IIMS President, Capt Bertrand Apperry. The award was unanimously agreed by the Management Board at a recent meeting and is a fitting and suitable recognition of Jeffrey’s 70 years of service to the boat, ship and marine surveying profession.

In his citation, Mike Schwarz, IIMS CEO, said, “This lifetime achievement award recognises a 70 year association, or should that be obsession, with the boating, shipping and marine surveying sectors.”

In a moving ceremony, the 100 plus dinner guests rose to their feet as one to applaud Jeffrey as he came forward to receive and accept his crystal gift from The President to mark the occasion.

Commenting on his award, Jeffrey Casciani-Wood said, “I was absolutely delighted and not a little astonished to receive the IIMS Lifetime Achievement Award given to me at the Institute’s Dinner on board HMS Belfast. It was a complete surprise. I am partially deaf (a legacy of my days in the shipyards) and when Mike started talking about it I didn’t hear very much until the words London Graving Dock came out when I thought, “He’s talking about me!” It was only then that I realised what was happening. I am honoured and very proud to be a member of the Institute and I hope to remain active for a few more years yet. Only another 15 and I shall be a 100. Thank you all for your friendship and support.”

Jeffrey Casciani-Wood has had a varied, successful and colourful career and although no longer a practicing marine surveyor, he continues to keep his hand in. So it is not uncommon to see Jeffrey appearing at UK Small Craft Working Group training days and the such. Indeed he is delivering a training day in early 2016 for IIMS members. Jeffrey continues to write and has recently authored several books on a variety of subjects as part of the new IIMS publishing programme.

Jeffrey Casciani-Wood is a Chartered Engineer with the additional title of European Engineer. He is a Fellow of RINA, Hon. Fellow of IIMS and a past President and a Fellow of SCMS. Furthermore, Jeffrey is a Fellow of the Institute of Diagnostic Engineers and its current President. He is also on the IMO list of Marine Consultants (through IIMS) and holds an ONC, HNC and endorsements in naval architecture, plus the IIMS Diploma in Marine Surveying.

Jeffrey Casciani-Wood began his career in January 1945 when he worked at the London Graving Dock Ltd on a pre-apprenticeship training course. To date he has worked in over fifty countries and from 1973 to 2005 practiced as a freelance marine surveyor mainly on small craft until retiring. Jeffrey continues to act as mentor to a number of junior surveyors. He is also the author of a number of papers published by IIMS and a book on Screw Tug Design.

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