MCA launches consultation on entry into enclosed space regulations on ships

This consultation seeks your views on the proposed merchant shipping and fishing vessels (entry into enclosed spaces) regulations 2021, which would replace the merchant shipping (entry into dangerous spaces) regulations 1988. The proposed regulations incorporate safety of life at sea (SOLAS) amendments, as outlined within section 2 of the consultation document.

Your views are sought on:
– implementation of SOLAS amendments into UK legislation;
– extending to vessels not currently regulated by SOLAS, and;
extending to fishing vessels

Please note the list of exemptions to the proposed regulations, contained within the consultation document page 25 (proposed regulation 10 exemptions).

Annexes to the consultation are contained within the consultation document pages 20 to 47
– annex (a) proposed regulations 2021
– annex (b1) MSC 350(92)
– annex (b2) MSC 380(94)
– annex (c) the UK merchant shipping (entry into dangerous spaces) regulations 1988

Additionally please find a link to the code of safe working practices for merchant seafarers 2020, which is referenced within the consultation document.

A full list of consultation questions is contained in section 5 of the consultation document.

Responses are welcomed from 24th May 2021 to 19th July 2021. Details on how to respond are within the consultation document at page 11 section 3. The response forms within sections 5 and 6 have been attached separately as word documents.

Download the consultation document: Consultation_on_entry_into_enclosed_space_regulations_on_ships

Download the consultation response form: Consultation_response_forms_sections_5___6_

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