More glazing is the trend

Bigger is better appears to be a key current glazing trend with ever large pieces of glass being used throughout vessels.

This is evidenced in the latest UK and Italian designs, which incorporate swathes of glass passing down the superstructure spanning main deck saloon, galley and dining areas, points out Trend Marine’s Jim Boulton.

Glazing helps vessel ventilation and also enables maximum light into a vessel.

“Large format single piece screens allow uncluttered panoramic views from the helm,” said Jim. “Switchable glass interior panels offer hi-tech options for separating spaces but allowing light to transmit through the boat.”

Seamless look

Also popular are hull topsides with stylish continuous glass lines running from full beam master cabins through to light and airy forward accommodation areas.

“Glass has become the designer’s new best friend with direct bonded frameless panels allowing a seamless flowing look. Windows and side doors built into large format pieces giving glass within glass design solutions for a space saving uncluttered clean looking interior,” Jim added.

While glazing offers stylish aesthetics, it does come with the challenge for manufacturers to be able to produce much larger sheets of glass, alongside the problem of dealing with increased levels of UV and IR within a boat. However, the market has responded with an increasing number of surface films and specialised interlayers to reduce the effects of sunlight and heat within a boat, stated Jim.

“Technology is keeping up, allowing designers and stylist to create stunning contemporary models that are edgy and exiting in abundance,” he stressed.

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