New crew transfer vessel get ABS approval in principle

New crew transfer vessel get ABS approval
New crew transfer vessel get ABS approval

BAR Technologies and Chartwell Marine have secured the Approval in Principle (AiP) from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for the design and construction of a new crew transfer vessel (CTV).

BAR, with the support of Chartwell, developed the new crew transfer vessel, a 30m CTV with FOSS technology (foil optimized stability system), said to enhance seakeeping and maneuverability while reducing vertical acceleration by up to 70% in 2.5m wave heights.

This initial vessel will be closely followed by a 50m variant capable of 45kn top speed and 30kn in a 3m high sea, the companies said, adding that the new design will work in partnership with the vessels in the Chartwell 24 range.

“Approval in Principle for the BAR 30m CTV is an important development that broadens the opportunities for cross-market collaboration,” said John Cooper, CEO of BAR Technologies.

“As we work towards the decarbonisation of the workboat sector, this latest innovation represents new gains in efficiency which have been achieved by placing the operational profile at the forefront of vessel design. In this way, we have been able to design a CTV that combines optimal performance in challenging conditions with a significantly reduced environmental impact.”

Earlier this year, Chartwell and BAR established a partnership to support the delivery of the next generation of offshore wind CTVs.

The partnership will drive forward the development of new vessel designs ranging from 30m CTVs through to 60m service accommodation and transfer vessels (SATVs).

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