North America’s inaugural LNG marine fuel terminal open for business

Harvey Energy. Image courtesy of Harvey Gulf
Harvey Energy. Image courtesy of Harvey Gulf

Less than a year after the delivery of the M/V Harvey Energy, America’s first LNG powered vessel, Harvey Gulf has accomplished another first when it completed a successful LNG bunkering of the energy from the newly constructed LNG terminal at its operation base in Port Fourchon, La. The bunkering included the transfer of 43,000 gallons of LNG in approximately 2.25 hours without reported incident.

The terminal is designed to meet the requirements of 33 CFR part 127 NFPA 59A, and able to deliver LNG at a pumping rate of 550 GMP. The total on site storage is approximately 270,000 gallons contained in three 90,000 USG type “C” vacuum insulated tanks.

Shane Guidry, Chairman and CEO of Harvey Gulf, commented,
“This a testament to Harvey Gulf’s commitment to promoting the use of LNG, a clean, abundant, and cost effective alternative marine fuel. With the completion of our LNG terminal at Port Fourchon, we are able to provide a LNG bunkering point at the epicenter of marine operations for the Gulf of Mexico, which is vital to continuing the shift to LNG as a marine fuel.”

The M/V Harvey Energy and her sister ship the M/V Harvey Power, both LNG powered Offshore Supply Vessels, are under charter to Shell and support Shell’s Gulf of Mexico assets.

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