Over 100 Flag State detentions according to the USCG 2019 Annual Report

USCG: Over 100 Flag State detentions
USCG: Over 100 Flag State detentions

The USCG has published its 2019 Flag State Control Domestic Annual Report, summarizing statistics regarding inspections and enforcement of regulations on US-flagged vessels. In comparison to 2018, the number of vessel inspections increased by 1,423 and the average number of deficiencies identified per inspection has increased from 1.26 to 1.48. The report also found that there were over 100 Flag State detentions.

As a result, the overall US Flag fleet inspection total increased in 2019 by 7%. Additionally, the number of deficiencies issued increased by 25% from the 2018 calendar year report.

Key findings 2019
– USCG Marine Inspectors conducted 21,471 inspections in total.
– The Coast Guard’s fleet of responsibility contained 20,064 vessels subject to inspection.
– There were 2,095 reportable marine casualty investigations in 2019 involving 2,561 inspected vessels.
– In 2019 there were 111 Flag State detentions, an increase of 64% from 2018.

This can be attributed in part to the new towing vessel fleet, increased oversight inspections and post casualty inspection campaign conducted on small passenger vessels. The compliance date for implementation of towing vessels, the newest members of the US Flag fleet, was July 20, 2018.

Marine casualties
There were 2,095 reportable marine casualties reported in 2019 involving 2,561 inspected vessels.

Flag state detentions

In 2019, there were 111 Flag State Detentions. Action code “30 – Ship Detained” is a control action that may be imposed on any inspected vessel type, including Small Passenger Vessels and Barges, and is selected when technical or operational-related deficiencies exist that individually or collectively indicate a serious failure, or lack of effectiveness, of the implementation of the Safety Management System (SMS).

For vessels that do not have an SMS, “30 – Ship Detained” is assigned when objective evidence indicates that a serious substandard condition is not being proactively managed by the company, vessel owner, and/ or operator.

The top five detention deficiencies were:
– Fire Safety
– Propulsion and Auxiliary Machinery
– Life Saving Appliances
– Structural Conditions
– General Safety

Read the report in full: USCG-Flag-State-Control-in-the-United-States-2019-Domestic-Annual-Report

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