Plans for the Genoa Superyacht Hub project launched

Genoa Superyacht Hub - Genova, cantieri Amico - Madame Gu
Genoa Superyacht Hub – Genova, cantieri Amico – Madame Gu

Two leading players active in the Italian superyacht market, Amico & Co and the Presto Sea Group, have jointly launched the Genoa Superyacht Hub project. A key aim of the project is to strengthen Genoa’s role as a year-round superyacht destination and home port for superyachts of all sizes and expand the city’s superyacht economy.

In a press statement the two partners said: “The Genoa Superyacht Hub project was created with the desire of promoting the excellence of the companies’ combined incoming, assistance, technical and hospitality services, specifically targeting these towards the international superyacht community in a synergic and efficient way, as well as valorising the cultural and environmental characteristics and the quality of life that the Genoese territory, Liguria and Northern Italy in general have to offer.”

The objective of the Genoa Superyacht Hub is to reach, in an effective and targeted way, yacht owners and captains, yacht and charter managers, crew members and technical staff. It will aim to respond to each of their specific requirements through a wide range of quality services and structures, each of which is sustainable and perfectly integrated with city living.

The project will promote a “territory that represents something quite unique in the world, with its combination of renowned tourist destinations, food and wine culture, outdoor sports and recreational activities, mild climate and strong synergy between the numerous companies specialised in all sorts of dedicated yacht services.”

Genoa Superyacht Hub fully represents the synergy between the two companies. Thanks to this collaboration, new service packages and initiatives have been created that are entirely dedicated to sector operators. Particular attention is paid to the assistance given to captains and crew during their stay.

For technical managers, the project proposes webinars dedicated to refit management, as well as fiscal and customs updates, involving international experts; for charter managers continuous updates are provided on all of the most interesting and novel visitor and cultural experiences to be inserted into their charter itineraries.

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