Possible new cure for diesel bug

Possible new cure for diesel bug
Possible new cure for diesel bug

A new product that removes water from the bottom of diesel tanks is expected to end all diesel bug problems.

The Diesel Dipper is a self-contained system independent of the engine. Fitted with a 12-volt pump, it is designed to suck water from the floor/bottom of a fuel tank below the fuel suction and by doing so, makers Marine 16 say it eliminates or prevents diesel bug and engine failures.

Marine 16 said: “Water and sludge lying on the bottom of the tank is drawn up into a ‘tank separator’ where it separates from the diesel and collects on the bottom. This accumulated water and sludge is then periodically drained off into a container.”

The clean diesel exits the top of the separator and flows through a 40-micron washable stainless steel filter before returning to the top of the tank via a tee in the fuel return line.

As many yachts and boats do not have a drain plug at the bottom of the tank, Marine 16 also supply a ‘dip tube’ for use with the Diesel Dipper. The dip tube is a plate with a compression fitting that fixes to the top of the tank allowing a pipe to pass through to the bottom of the tank. The Diesel Dipper then sucks from the top of this pipe.

Marine 16 said that because the Diesel Dipper has no filters it cannot get blocked. It can also be used on any size tank.

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