Report on the IIMS 2016 Annual General Meeting

Capt Bertrand Apperry hands the President's medal over to Adam Brancher at the AGM. Photo by Kirk Schwarz -
Capt Bertrand Apperry hands the President’s medal over to Adam Brancher at the AGM. Photo by Kirk Schwarz –

The 2016 Annual General Meeting of the International Institute of Marine Surveying took place at Herringham Hall, Regent’s University on Wednesday 31 August at 14.45. The meeting was called to order and opened by President, Capt Bertrand Apperry.

Acceptance of the minutes of the 2015 AGM were proposed by Capt Khalil Khan and seconded by Capt Syed Humail.

The President gave his verbal report to those in attendance, his final one before stepping down. He said:
“It has given me great pleasure to have been your President for the last two years. It is special that my presidency has coincided with the Institute’s twenty fifth anniversary in 2016. Since our formation in 1991, the organisation has grown steadily and we have reached this significant milestone in good shape.

I have been fortunate to have seen the process of change at first hand since Mike was appointed as CEO. When I became President, the Institute faced financial uncertainty. But now as I step down two years later, things are greatly improved. And IIMS is becoming an increasingly important and respected organisation in the maritime sector because of its activities and innovations.

So as I prepare to stand down and hand over to Adam Brancher shortly, it is time to reflect a little. We have more full members now than at any other time in the Institute’s history; and membership is growing strongly worldwide. New branches have opened in Canada and Nigeria this year. Our new professional qualifications in marine surveying are proving popular. And the work that our Certifying Authority does is of a far higher standard than it was.

Our communication to members continues to develop through the printed word and by social media channels. Each quarter, The Report Magazine carries excellent articles, features and news written for you. Tomorrow you will hear why enhancing surveyor standards matter. Also there is an outline plan for a marine surveying apprenticeship scheme. As a forward thinking, international organisation, these are areas we must care deeply about and be involved with to develop the future of our industry.

Since I have been President, the Marine Surveying Academy was born too. Already this wholly owned subsidiary of the IIMS is making excellent progress. In particular the CMID accreditation scheme we are running for IMCA is proving to be robust and successful. Already over 200 inspectors have come forward for accreditation. This structured programme of objectively assessing those who are competent to audit complex vessels in the offshore sector is already making a significant difference to safety in our industry.

It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as your President. Thank you.”

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IIMS Chief Executive Officer, Mike Schwarz gave a detailed verbal overview of the activities of head office. He thanked the management board, regional directors and head office team for their ongoing support and work.

The Directors who were present each gave a short verbal update on their specific areas. John Excell, Chairman of Yacht & Small Craft Surveying, talked in particular about the success of this year’s training events held in the UK and Europe. Fraser Noble, Chairman of the Certifying Authority, gave an overview of the IIMS Certifying Authority‘s current work and mentioned how pleased he was to welcome half a dozen new coding surveyors this year. Capt John Noble, Chairman of Administration and the Education Committee, gave a succinct report on the head office administration and education functions. Capt Chris Kelly, Chairman of the Professional Assessment Committee, told members about the growing membership trend with new applications coming from all parts of the world. The following Regional Directors also gave verbal reports, Capt Andrew Korek (Canada), Capt Khalil Khan (Pakistan), Capt Barry Thompson (New Zealand), Capt Zarir Irani (UAE), Mr Adam Brancher (Treasurer Australia), Mr Milind Tambe (India) and Mr Emeraku Ijioma (Chairman Nigeria).

Following the reports, the IIMS Chief Executive Officer invited President Capt Bertrand Apperry to formally stand down and to pass the baton to the new President, Mr Adam Brancher in a short ceremony. In his first duty as IIMS President, Adam praised Bertrand for his efforts over the past two years and in particular for being a stabilising force during a difficult time for the Institute. He also presented the now immediate past President with a small medal.

The meeting moved on to consider the four matters which required voting by members at the AGM.

Item 1. It was proposed that the current Management Board be elected en-bloc.
Proposed by Mr Emeraku Ijioma
Seconded by Capt Andrew Korek
In favour: 27 plus 3 proxy votes
Against: 0
Abstentions: 0

Item 2. Geoffrey (Geoff) Waddington’s name had been put forward as part of the presidency succession planning. It was proposed that Geoff Waddington be approved as the new Deputy Vice President.
Proposed by Mr Paul Homer
Seconded by Capt Allen Brink
In favour: 45 plus 3 proxy votes
Against: 0
Abstentions: 0

Item 3. The proposed revised fee structure for 2017 membership was presented and discussed. As part of recognising that there are currently challenges for members in certain parts of the world, it was proposed to use the area system of membership to determine and differentiate the percentage increase. In effect this means a 3% increase for Area 1, a 2% increase for Area 2 and a 1% increase for Area 3. Fellowships were proposed to increase by 3% no matter which area.
Proposed by Capt Phil Duffy
Seconded by Mr Paul Lockhart
In favour: 38 plus 2 proxy votes
Against: 2 plus 1 proxy vote
Abstentions: 1

Item 4. Following a review of the Institute’s members’ disciplinary rules and procedures, a recommendation and proposal had been put before members. The disciplinary rules have not been reassessed for a number of years. It was felt that the management board had insufficient ability to impose sanctions should the need arise following or as part of the disciplinary procedures. The proposal stipulated a number of new sanctions to be included in the revised document.
Proposed by Capt Andrew Korek
Seconded by Jeffrey Casciani-Wood
In favour: 44 plus 3 proxy votes
Against: 0
Abstentions: 0
The presentation of Honorary membership certificates to Capt William MacDonald and Mr Uday Moorthi was delayed until the Gala Dinner later that same evening.

Those who attended the AGM were:
President: Capt Bertrand Apperry
Deputy President: Mr Adam Brancher
Deputy Vice President: Capt Zarir Irani

Capt Sergey Batmanov
Mr Ian Biles
Mr Geoff Bowker
Capt Allen Brink
Mr Alan Broomfield
Mr George Brown
Engineer Javier Bru
Mr Graham Burt
Mr Andrea Carlevaris
Eur Ing Jeffrey Casciani-Wood
Capt Ruchin Dayal
Capt Philip Duffy
Mr John Excell
Mr Nic Fieldhouse
Capt Nigel Hartley
Capt Syed Humail
Mr John Heath
Mr Emeraku Ijioma
Capt Andrew Korek
Mr Paul Lockhart
Mr Harry Martinez
Mr Brian Keating
Capt Chris Kelly
Capt Peter King
Capt Khalil Khan
Mr John Kilhams
Mr Uday Moorthi
Capt John Noble
Mr Lionnel Parant
Mr Paul Homer
Mr Joao Peixoto
Capt Hugh Raynor
Mr James Renn
Mr William Rosie
Mrs Ursula Smith
Mr Milind Tambe
Capt Barry Thompson
Mr Ricky Tropman
Mr Luc Verley
Mr Robert Vjuzaninas
Mr Geoff Waddington
Mr James Walker
Mr Lee Warltier

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