Revised Marshall Islands Yacht Code 2021 published

The Marshall Islands have released their new Yacht Code 2021
The Marshall Islands have released their new Yacht Code 2021

The RMI Maritime Administrator has further revised the Marshall Islands Yacht Code 2021 to reflect changes in today’s yacht market, not only in terms of the increasing size and complexity of yachts being designed and built, but also to cover recent industry developments. The Code was first published in 2013 and this is the most significant update to the Code since then.

This new Code incorporates all Yacht Code Supplements issued as amendments to the previous Code, as well as additional technical and safety updates. These include structural fire protection for yachts of less than 500 gross tonnage (GT) assigned with Category 2 notation, rescue boat requirements for yachts less than 500 GT, alternative standards for firefighting equipment for smaller sized yachts, new requirements for modern design elements such as underwater glazing for observation lounges and glazed bulwarks, and an updated standard for Helicopter Landing Areas as provided in Annex 2, among others.

The Code provides a commonsense and practical approach to evolving safety and technical issues while being supported by a strong worldwide yacht technical group. The yacht technical group works with industry stakeholders on a case-by-case basis and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The RMI allows, through its national legislation and the Code, the registration of commercial yachts, private yachts, private yachts limited charter (PYLCs), and passenger yachts (PAXYs). It also allows for RMI flagged private yachts to charter in French and Monégasque waters without the need for commercial registration by requesting a Temporary Certificate of Registry for Yacht Engaged in Trade. The Marshall Islands Yacht Code 2021, in conjunction with the relevant international conventions to which the RMI is a party, sets the standards and substantial equivalencies for safety, security, pollution prevention, and seafarer accommodations appropriate to the size of the yacht, taking into consideration instances where it is not reasonable or practicable to comply fully with international conventions.

All yachts to which the Code applies must be annually inspected by an Appointed Representative (AR) or Classification Society as applicable, to verify compliance with the Code. The MI-103A, RMI Yacht Compliance Requirements provide additional guidance on national and international compliance requirements for commercial yachts, PYLCs, PAXYs, YETs, and private yachts.

Download the new Code: New-Marshall-Islands-Yacht-Code-2021

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