Smallest Surface Effect Ship Sea Puffin under construction by ESNA

What is thought to be the smallest SES (Surface Effect Ship) workboat is being built in Denmark for operations on wind farms. With a length of just 15.8 metres, this new SES is being built for operators Wind Partner who plan to charter the boat out to operators.

The design for this SES, called Sea Puffin, has been developed by naval architects Espeland & Skomedal (ESNA) of Norway and features a catamaran hull with fabric skirts enclosing the air cushion between the hulls. It is designed to be capable of being launched with a standard 15 tonne single point davit system.

The Sea Puffin is powered by a pair of 230 kW diesels that are coupled to water jets. These will give a speed of 25 knots and this speed can be maintained in sea state 3 with the designers claiming that the air cushion supporting the SES will damp out motions and give a comfortable ride. In addition to transferring technicians to wind farm turbines the SES will also be capable of carrying cargoes.

ESNA claims that in addition to its sea-going capabilities this new daughter craft will offer significant savings in fuel consumption. It will have a range of 150 miles and the vessel will be classed by Bureau Veritas. ESNA has previous experience of SES vessels with their designs of larger Tern craft that are in service as standalone wind farm transfer vessels.

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