The magnitude of what we do

It is a while since I last posted to my blog here. In truth, my time has not been my own since the IIMS London Conference on the first day of September. There are busy fools of course and people who are busy with a purpose. I certainly identify with the latter. The past couple of months have seen IIMS meeting, training and sharing knowledge with dozens of marine surveyors, both members as well as others in the marine world.

Only after the delivery of a presentation, or a paper, does the magnitude of what we do or say become apparent as the audience assesses and gives feedback. But what exactly do I mean by that? In my role as CEO of IIMS I have a duty to think carefully before I speak, to ensure I strike the right chord and to deliver a message that is relevant. It is a responsibility I take very seriously and I always check and double check my content before releasing it in whatever format.

Sometimes it is not immediately apparent just how influential and knowledgeable the audience one is addressing actually is! Such an example occurred earlier this week when I had the pleasure of addressing the SYBAss (Superyacht Builders Association) Coatings Working Group to brief and update them on our progress with the RMCI (Registered Marine Coatings Inspector) programme and qualification. Delegates of the group comprised some of the leading technical experts from some of the biggest and best known superyacht builders in the world! So, it is important to think before speaking and to ensure the right message is conveyed.

Another example was in India, when I spoke on the subject of surveyor standards and the importance of enhancing one’s knowledge. It is only after the event when people comment to you that you realise they were hanging on your every word and analysing it too. IIMS mixes amongst some highly influential groups of people within various sectors of the maritime industry.

In the past few weeks, we have organised some great events, including the Indian Conference, the Small Craft Working Group super training day in Portsmouth and another in Glasgow, as well as running a Certifying Authority training event in Portsmouth, various courses to accredit CMID inspectors around the world and an RMCI course for coatings inspectors/surveyors in Viareggio.

A busy time but so very rewarding to know that in certain areas and sectors, IIMS is leading the way with quality training and personal development plans.

Happy surveying.

Mike Schwarz
Chief Executive officer

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