IIMS set to rebrand its SCWG as LYSCWG

The new LYSCWG logo
The new LYSCWG logo

With effect from 1 January 2017, IIMS has announced that its SCWG (Small Craft Working Group) will become known as LYSCWG (Large Yacht & Small Craft Working Group).

IIMS Chairman of Yacht & Small Craft, John Excell, who was behind the decision to rebrand, explained, “There has been a significant shift in the market place with the continuing and exciting developments in the superyacht industry. A number of IIMS members who worked in the sub 24 metre vessels sector have progressed into the area of superyacht surveying, or are interested to do so. It is therefore entirely logical that we extend the scope of this group of surveyors, who sit in the middle between small craft and commercial ship surveying and cater for their specific needs. The result is the LYSCWG.”

The new, enlarged group will be announcing a series of new training events that will be offered in UK and European locations initially for 2017. Members from further afield will be able to join training events remotely by video conferencing too.

IIMS is planning to bring together a small group of its members actively involved in the superyacht surveying sector to act as a sounding board and as a panel to generate ideas for future training and areas for discussion.

Mike Schwarz, IIMS Chief Executive Office, said, “Moving to the LYSCWG is an important new development. It is vital that IIMS finds ways to help develop and train those members who are, or who wish to work in the growing superyacht sector, which requires different skill sets and knowledge. We will endeavour to put together programmes that are both relevant and appealing to this audience.”

As part of its rebranding, IIMS has launched a new logo for the LYSCWG.

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