UK Office for Product Safety & Standards has released new statutory guidance updates

The Office for Product Safety and Standards has updated a number of Statutory Guidance documents, which are all applicable to the marine industry for both Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The individual documents can be downloaded by following the links below. The list of guidance that has been updated and is now applicable and in force is as follows:

Recreational Craft Regulations 2017

Personal protective equipment (enforcement) regulations 2018

Equipment for explosive atmospheres regulations

Electromagnetic compatibility regulations 2016

Radio equipment regulations 2017

Supply of machinery (safety) regulations 2008

Gas appliances (enforcement) regulations 2018

Electrical equipment (safety) regulations 2016

The Statutory Guidance documents above are all relevant in some way to the marine industry, whether it is in regard to equipment placed on a watercraft such as radios, cookers burning gaseous fuels, equipment which is used in potentially explosive atmospheres, machinery equipment, equipment which will disturb the radio or telecommunication equipment, or other components covered under the regulations.

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