Vision Marine prepares for mass production of battery packs

Vision Marine Technologies has acquired industrial tooling to support the production capacity of more than 10,000 battery packs per year. This includes the tooling for the marine custom-designed battery pack’s cell stack and cooling system and the bolstering of the company’s intellectual property and ownership of the conception and design of the pack’s external casing.

“Our voyage towards mass production represents a monumental milestone for Vision Marine,” remarked Alexandre Mongeon, CEO and co-founder of Vision Marine. “Through calculated investments in cutting-edge tooling and the establishment of a robust supply chain, we are poised to revolutionise the realm of pleasure boat electrification.”

The monolithic marine-dedicated battery pack has been developed and engineered by the company over the last two years to power the E-Motion Powertrain.

Features of the VMT 700V DC powerpacks include an IP67 rating, durability, a custom design form factor that integrates with manufacturing and integration requirements, and a focus on meeting industrial production standards.

The company is set to transition to production in July 2023 and is preparing to ramp up its production capabilities to meet the demand for its electric powertrain solutions.

Production partnerships have been secured with a network of regional suppliers in Europe, mitigating any potential risk of production and supply shortages.

The production of marine battery packs will take place in a new facility in Europe, known for its technology and commitment to certification standards.

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