Volvo Penta cuts down on components with new battery management system

Volvo Penta has launched a new remote control battery management system
Volvo Penta has launched a new remote control battery management system

Volvo Penta has launched its latest battery management system, suitable for 12 and 24-volt installations. The device is a remote control and gives users a ‘car like experience’ offering theft protection, battery control and monitoring.

“It gives total control of the system, both status and health,” explained Petter Andolf, product management, Volvo Penta.

“When leaving a boat, people can just switch off and the system will power down and switch off. It’s built to be very simple and robust.”

He added: “The main breakers will turn off the control system, unlock and power up. Boat owners can step on board start the engine and cast off.”

The system has been designed to cut down on different components as ‘fewer components means fewer sources of failure’ claims Volvo Penta.

“In a traditional installation of two battery groups there will be a number of components and power cables bringing the components together,” he explained. “Our unit has all the components and functions built into one unit. There are savings in power cables, electrical components and component points.”

And he explained how the battery management system has been designed around a modular approach to make it suitable for small or larger boats that will have larger consumption and more units.

The modular design also means users can have a system with different levels of features.

These can include items such as time left to charge the batteries, the batteries’ health, battery sensors, the distribution and crossover between batteries and alarms.

And with the complete system, Volvo Penta’s e-KEY remote can also be added to control part of the system remotely and also control optional equipment such as deck lighting, gangway lighting or a sunroof.

It works with both Volvo Penta and also other makes of engines.

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