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The IIMS is an award-winning, recognised educator of marine surveyors and has been doing so successfully for more than 15 years. The Institute is as committed as it is to delivering the best education for cargo and commercial ship marine surveyors as it is passionate about developing the next generation of surveyors. The course material is current, accurate and is regarded to be the best material of its kind anywhere in the world at this level. Furthermore, IIMS is the only professional body to offer a formal marine surveying qualification. It has been produced by authors who are passionate and knowledgeable about their specialism and who are recognised experts in their fields. The course has been written to produce the best possible learning outcome for those who study it.

The Cargo & Commercial Ship Professional Qualification in Marine Surveying course allows you to decide when and where you want to study.

To achieve the qualification you are required to study and pass four CORE units plus an additional four SPECIALIST units of your choice from the twenty-seven that are available. Students have two years to complete the course. It is then possible to upgrade your qualification to an Advanced Professional Qualification in Cargo & Commercial Ship Marine Surveying. This means a further one year of study and an additional four SPECIALIST units to pass.

If you travel or spend time at sea, you can take the units with you to continue studying and make good use of your travelling time.

The benefits of studying with the Institute are that you become a Student Member of the Institute whilst training and you can, therefore, participate in all the Institute activities, including one-day training courses, seminars and conferences.

One of the most beneficial factors of distance learning study is that you apply your learning immediately. So, as the course progresses you can apply the knowledge, skills and expertise gained to your work.

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The CORE Units
Core Unit 1: Introduction to Marine Surveying
Core Unit 2: Materials and Corrosion (Unit has two parts)
Core Unit 3: Stability
Core Unit 4: Report Writing

Specialist Unit 5: Draught Surveying
Specialist Unit 6: Surveying Dry Bulk Cargoes
Specialist Unit 7: Surveying Chemical Cargoes
Specialist Unit 8: Petroleum Products, Crude & Refined Products
Specialist Unit 9: The Carriage of Refrigerated Cargoes
Specialist Unit 10: Surveying Containers & Cargoes in Containers
Specialist Unit 11: Surveying Bulk Vegetable, Animal Oils & Fat Cargoes
Specialist Unit 12: Heavy Lift & Project Cargoes
Specialist Unit 13: Transportation of LNG & LPG Cargoes
Specialist Unit 14: Surveying General Cargo
Specialist Unit 15: Surveying Large Vessel Main Engines
Specialist Unit 16: Surveying Large Vessel Auxiliary Systems
Specialist Unit 17: Electrical & Electronic Engineering Surveying (Unit has two parts)
Specialist Unit 18: Marine Incident Investigation
Specialist Unit 19: Classifications, Statutory Surveys & Inspections
Specialist Unit 20: The International Safety Management Code
Specialist Unit 21: Marine Coatings
Specialist Unit 22: Warranty Surveying in the Offshore Industry
Specialist Unit 31: Maritime Law & Insurance
Specialist Unit 32: Hulls & Machine Damage Claims
Specialist Unit 33: Cargo Damage Claims
Specialist Unit 34: Helidecks & Equipment
Specialist Unit 35: Business Management

Student comments
Read what students who have studied with IIMS have said.

‘Many thanks for the feedback and all your support over the duration of the course. To say that I am delighted is an understatement as I am over the moon with delight’.
Mr J O’Sullivan
‘I would like to thank all involved in the very valuable and excellent course. It certainly lived up to my expectations and more’.
Mr G Parrotte
‘Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the course. I have really enjoyed completing the assignments. It was a very thorough and well thought out introduction to the marine surveying profession’.
Mr K Butterfield

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Professional Qualification in Cargo & Commercial Ship Marine Surveying Prospectus

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