UltraSystem PowerPlus launched by Ultrasonic Antifouling

Ultrasonic Antifouling has launched the UltraSystem PowerPlus
Ultrasonic Antifouling has launched the UltraSystem PowerPlus

Ultrasonic Antifouling Limited, market leaders and pioneers of the original hull and sea chest clearing technology, has launched the UltraSystem PowerPlus.

The PowerPlus – which is the latest development in the company’s ‘Ultra’ Series – is the result of 3 years of research, development and comprehensive testing and is twice as powerful as the Series II which has been the company’s flagship product for the past 5 years. The new product has been specifically designed with larger yachts and superyachts in mind.

The PowerPlus combines ultrasonic antifouling’s intelligent and unique software with their advanced digital control program (ADCP) to deliver a higher concentration of ultrasound. This prevents bio-fouling on hulls and sea chests, increasing performance whilst at the same time monitoring temperature, voltage and output loads. PowerPlus uses a wide range of key frequencies between 20 and 140 KHz, which is unique to the UltraSystem, and utilises high quality 50w multi-frequency mounted piezoelectric crystal transducers.

Ultrasonic’s Managing Director Nick Griffin says; “We’re delighted to be using the 2015 SBS to launch the UltraSystem PowerPlus, a revolution in the field of ultrasonic antifouling. The product represents a significant advancement in this technology and takes ultrasonic antifouling to whole new level as it can deliver output to 3 and 4 transducers simultaneously, something no other product in this field can do”.

“The PowerPlus is generating a massive amount of interest and we’re excited to reveal that it has been selected by the country’s largest luxury boat builder to protect the sea chest of its flagship yacht.”

Since Ultrasonic first introduced Ultrasonic Antifouling Technology to the boating market in 2007, it has developed into THE most effective way to maintain hull performance, save fuel and increase the time yachts can spend in the water.

The use of ultrasound is an innovative and advanced method for protecting your hull and sea chest system from fouling using low power, high frequency sound waves to destroy algae and prevent weed and barnacle growth. It works by emitting a unique range of specific and scientifically researched, low powered, pulsed ultrasonic frequencies via transducers that are installed on the inside of the hull or onto the sea chest pipes, filters and manifolds.

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