Cyber security goes under scrutiny in The Navigator

The 12th edition of The Navigator is out now
The 12th edition of The Navigator is out now

The hot topic of cyber security is examined in the twelfth issue of The Navigator. The magazine looks at how cyber security is developing and how navigators can protect themselves, their crew mates and vessel from the associated threats. Articles include a discussion on spoofing and hacking, advice on how to prepare for the worst and an insight into the use of smart technology, social media and the internet at sea.

Emma Ward, Editor of The Navigator, said: “With more advanced onboard technology, this subject should concern everyone. Targeted, malicious cyber attacks are not the only way a ship can come under threat. Risks can come from sources much closer to home, for example a crew member plugging a smart phone into a USB port on the ECDIS and disrupting the display, or an unsuspecting social media download introducing a virus. So, the more we know about cyber security, the better we can shore up our defences and stay safe at sea.”

David Patraiko, Director of Projects for The Nautical Institute, added: “We have all seen cyber-attacks in Hollywood movies, but in reality these attacks are largely preventable. A cyber threat could affect any ICT system, but awareness and good procedures can dramatically reduce the risk. We hope that the advice given in this issue of The Navigator will be helpful to crews seeking to review and update their cyber security protocols.”

The Nautical Institute launched its ‘Navigator Distributor’ scheme last year, encouraging a wider, global distribution of the free, 12-page magazine to as many professional marine navigators as possible.

The Navigator is produced by The Nautical Institute with support from the Royal Institute of Navigation. It is available free in printed format or as a pdf, digital magazine or App on The Nautical Institute website. A supporting blog can be read here.

Printed copies are currently distributed alongside The Nautical Institute’s membership magazine, Seaways, as well as through missions and maritime training establishments. The magazine was named winner of the Investment in People Award at the 2015 Seatrade Awards in May last year.

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