Dare devil round the world yachtsman, Alex Thomson, goes skywalking

Dare devil solo round the world yachtsman, Alex Thomson, is once again proving his passion for the extraordinary and showing that a fear of heights can also be overcome too.

After the KeelWalk 2012 and MastWalk 2014, he has now combined his two favourite sports, sailing and kiting, to perform one spectacular stunt. Alex arrived at the beach looking confident in a Hugo Boss suit and tie.

Alvor, near the southern tip of Portugal, is one of the most popular places for kite surfing in the world. With its strong winds and high waves, it is the perfect location for this unique experience. The plan for this new stunt promised pure adrenaline and it certainly more than delivered. Alex was raised up from his yacht with the kite to twice the height of the mast. At this breathtaking height, he severed the connection with the boat and glided back down to the sea, carried only by the kite.

“Release the line” – the moment of truth. With this command, Alex severed the connection with the boat when he got to the highest point to start the last and most dangerous part of the operation – the descent. Uncoupled from the yacht, the kite rapidly drops back down to sea level. During this phase, Alex was at the mercy of the elements – the slightest gust of wind can have caused incalculable consequences.

Along with from the complex technical demands, Alex is also confronting his fear of heights. Overcoming this is his own personal challenge, and it is one that he masters with flying colours. Over a period of 4 weeks, Alex made 13 attempts at the feat under changing conditions – the final time, his Skywalk was perfect.

The video has to be seen to be believed.

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