New IIMS President takes up office

Peter Broad (left), Mike Schwarz (centre) and Geoff Waddington (right)
Peter Broad (left), Mike Schwarz (centre) and Geoff Waddington (right)

At the IIMS Annual General Meeting, broadcast live from Murrills House in Portchester UK on Tuesday 7th June 2022, Peter Broad formally took up his position as President of the International Institute of Marine Surveying for a two-year term succeeding Geoff Waddington. Whilst most delegates joined the AGM online, the management board meeting had taken place earlier in the day meaning that a few could attend the AGM in person for the first-time post-pandemic. The now immediate Past President, Geoff Waddington, opened the AGM with a short speech. In it, he explained what a strange presidency it had been with the inability to meet members due to the pandemic.

He said, “The past 2 years have been an interesting time with Covid and Brexit. Both Boris Johnson and I have something in common, having both entered a maelstrom of problems. It has made it interesting.

“There have been some highlights one of them, of course, is that we now own this magnificent building, Murrills House, and what a splendid place it is for the Institute to have as a home. A very good investment and one which the members should be very proud of.

“The other thing I can say to the membership on behalf of myself and the board is what a wonderful job our Institute staff has been doing the past 2 years. I am particularly proud of the Report Magazine and the news bulletins which I think are the shop window of our Institute.

And so, in a short ceremony during the AGM, Geoff passed the President’s Medal over to Peter Broad, who is a marine surveyor engaged in the heavy end of commercial shipping, based in South Korea.

In his address, Peter Broad said, “I am truly honored to be elected as president of IIMS.

“Thank you to Geoff for steering the ship through these turbulent 2 years. We have come a very long way through a strange time and IIMS is on a much more solid foundation with the acquisition of Murrills House.

“I hope to continue to build on this success and the legacy from Geoff and former presidents and I know I have big shoes to fill.

“I hope I can support Mike and the IIMS staff in continuing to build our professional reputation.

Mike Schwarz, IIMS Chief Executive Officer said, “I would like to extend my personal gratitude (and on behalf of the membership) to Geoff for the work he has done during the most trying times imaginable that most of us can recall. My head office colleagues and I are grateful to the support he has given over the past two years.

“I would like to welcome Peter into his new role as President and look forward to working with him over the coming period.”

Formed in 1991, IIMS is the leading worldwide professional body for the marine surveying profession with over 1,000 members in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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