First 60 metre plus superyachts berth at new Sovren Ibiza Marina

A layout artist's impression of the new superyacht berths at Sovren Ibiza Marina
A layout artist’s impression of the new superyacht berths at Sovren Ibiza Marina

Opening its pontoons to boats for the first time on 1st June 2017, the new Sovren Ibiza Marina has announced that it already has a number of superyachts over 60 metres LOA berthed at the facility.

Encompassing the area formerly occupied by Port Ibiza Town and the area of Duques de Alba, as well as a new facility called Es Martell on the dock Darsena del Levante, Sovren Ibiza Marina was awarded concession to be operational for the 2017 season back in December 2016.

In a recent statement, marina owners Sovren House Group explained that Ibiza has “always been something of a tease” for superyachts, with “maximum desire” and “minimum availability”, with the facility therefore created to cater to increased demand for superyacht berths of 60 metres and above.

The facility now offers 16 berths between 60m and 185m for mooring and longer-term leases, monitored by 24-hour patrol security, CCTV surveillance and IMO International Ship and Port Facility Security Code.

Stephen White, founder and CEO of Sovren Ibiza Marina said, “I am really excited to be operating in what is quite simply the best location in town.

“This marina is one of a kind in the Mediterranean and will have a very positive impact on the economy here in Ibiza. It has been a great pleasure to work together with the port authorities, the town hall and the mayor and the other local business associations. I also look forward to collaborating over the coming years – as this is just the start. Right now, supply doesn’t meet demand for berths over 60m and we are about to change that dynamic.”

Next year, Sovren has announced that it will open a 600sqm flagship building at the Es Martell end of the marina, which currently offers the public a viewing terrace with spectacular panoramas over the harbour.

It was this part of the port that was used as the main car ferry dock to the mainland, where congestion and pollution were a problem for the UNESCO world heritage site. According to Sovren, it therefore collaborated with the town hall, Balearic and Ibiza port authorities, local business associations and select yacht captains and experts to move the ferry dock to the newly constructed cruise terminal near to the outer port wall, “paving the way” for its new development.

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