IIMS: What a marine surveyor needs to know about on-off hire condition and bunker surveys handy guide published

IIMS publishes new handyguide
IIMS publishes new handyguide

IIMS has published the twenty-third guide in its series ‘What a marine surveyor needs to know about’, this one covering the important topic of on-off hire condition and bunker surveys.

Capt Allen Brink, a Past President of IIMS and a marine surveyor with many years’ big ship experience, has authored this impressive handy guide, now released for sale. Allen was a driving force in the early days and was one of those who worked hard behind the scenes to get the Institute off the ground nearly 30 years ago.

Running to 244 pages, this comprehensive handy guide takes the surveyor through the main parts and requirements of conducting on-off hire condition and bunker surveys. The handy guide contains examples of a number of templated reports which the surveyor can adapt for his/her use. There are photos to assist, diagrams and examples of the certification and documentation the surveyor needs to inspect too.

The handy guide also contains the most comprehensive appendix with a selection of marine terms to assist the marine surveyor when conducting inspections of ships for charter purposes.

The publication is offered for sale at just £30 in paperback (plus postage and packaging) or as a downloadable pdf ebook at £28. For more information and to purchase a copy of this handy guide go to the below:

The first maritime professional to review this new handy guide said, “This is a labour of love and reflects Allen’s immense knowledge and experience. I can’t think of a more valuable piece of work, not only for the survey industry, but for the maritime industry as a whole. One of the hardest things for lawyers is to deal with reports which are not logically set out or written in English which judges and other lawyers can understand. So well done! This will add great value to the industry.”

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